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Maryville Univ - Soccer
Maryville Univ - Soccer



When and where is camp check-in and check-out?

Check-in will be from 2:30 PM to 4:30 PM on Sunday for both residents and commuters. We will check campers in at the lobby of Potter Hall, located at Outer 40 Entrance. Campers will check-out at 11:00 AM on Friday, following the awards ceremony, which will begin at approximately 10:30 AM. Once on campus, please follow signs to Potter Hall.

My child will not be able to register at the normal check-in time on Sunday. Can I check him/her in later than 4:30 PM?

We strongly encourage all campers to check in at the normal registration time between 2:30 PM and 4:30 PM. If you cannot make that time frame, however, there will be counselors available to assist you until 9:00 PM in the Potter Lobby. If you need special arrangements, please contact Summer Camp Coordinator Linda Jakob at

Will my son or daughter get the roommate he / she requested?

We do our best to accommodate all roommate requests, but are not always able to fulfill them. We ask that you keep in mind your son/daughter may not get the requested roommate, and list an alternate. No roommate changes will be made on the day of registration.

Are the campers playing soccer all day?

The campers will have training sessions in the morning, afternoon, and evening that generally last two hours. There is structured downtime, where the campers will be able to play soccer golf, hang out in the campus game room, or just relax. These times are subject to change as we work around the weather.


Commuters should check-in on Sunday from 2:30 pm to 4:00 pm.

Commuters have the same soccer schedule as the residents, including scrimmage games in the evening. Monday through Thursday commuters report at 8:30 am in the Potter Hall lobby and leave at 8:30 pm from the Potter Hall lobby.  Commuters MUST be signed in and out each day by a parent/guardian with a photo ID.  On Thursday night, commuters are invited to stay until 10:00 pm for a complimentary pizza party after the games.  Friday's schedule 8:15 am until 11:00 am.

What is the coach / camper ratio?

One coach will be available for every 10-12 campers. This includes overnight supervision, and recreational time.

Can parents come out and watch the campers play?

Parents are encouraged to come and watch the evening team matches, which begin at 6:30 PM.

What kind of food will the campers eat?

The cafeteria at Maryville University has a wide variety of meals that should accommodate the pickiest eater. Breakfast includes cereal and pastries, as well as hot entrees, including eggs, breakfast meats, pancakes, and waffles. Hot lunch and dinner entrees range from casseroles, pizza, grilled cheese and hamburgers, to deli sandwiches and peanut butter and jelly. A soup and salad bar as well as fresh fruit is also available, as well as ice cream and cookies for dessert.

Will my child need to bring a water bottle?

Water will be provided for every camper during each practice session. A water bottle will also be given to each camper at registration.

Is a team discount available?

Yes, the team discount applies to any team that has five or more campers attending the same week of camp. A discount of $10 for each camper will be applied when all the applications are sent in together.

*Note: NCAA rules prevent Maryville Saint Sports Camps from offering discounts to 8th-12th grade players.

**Please Note: The maximum discount for any one camper per week is $25.  Discount offers may not be combined.

Is there a discount if my child attends more than one camp session?

Yes, if your child attends more than one camp session, he/she will receive a $25 discount for each additional week.

*Note: NCAA rules prevent Maryville Saint Sports Camps from offering discounts to 8th-12th grade players.

**Please Note: The maximum discount for any one camper per week is $25.  Discount offers may not be combined.

My child is seven and the brochure the age limit starts at eight.

Many children play “up” a level to match their personal skill. Children under the age of eight will be accepted on a case by case basis. Please contact Summer Camp Coordinator Linda Jakob at

What should my child bring to camp?

Upon acceptance into camp, we will send you a checklist of what your child will need for the week. These items include: toiletries (soap, shampoo, toothpaste, and toothbrush), towel, pillow, pillow case, twin bed sheets, blanket, soccer shoes (indoor and outdoor), shin guards, T-shirts, socks, shorts, sunscreen, bug spray, and spending money for the camp store and campus café.



Who should I contact in case of an emergency?

In case of an emergency, please contact Maryville University Public Safety at 314-529-9500 or Camp Director Eric Delabar at or Summer Camp Coordinator Linda Jakob at

Can I send my son or daughter a letter / care package?

Please address all letters / care packages to:

(Camper’s Name)
Maryville Saints Soccer Camp
650 Maryville University Drive
St. Louis, MO. 63141

How do I request a receipt of payment for my child’s week of camp?

You will receive a receipt via email after registering.  If you need additional assistance, please contact Summer Camp Coordinator Linda Jakob at